"Integral Spaces" In The UofL Health Outpatient Center

Size: 12' x 16' 
Medium: Charcoal, acrylic, oil, sand, and mica
Year: 2009

Commissioned for the UofL HealthCare Outpatient Center, this four-paneled mural was installed in the patient drop-off lobby in late 2009. 

The theme was outdoor spaces of the Louisville area including downtown, urban, and park references.

A 16' long panel called "Creek" is intentionally placed low on the wall and invites viewers to sit next to it. The four panels fit within approximately a 12' x 16' space. These pieces were executed in-studio and glued to the wall before being framed out. 

This piece creates a surface and a composition that viewers can interact with and see something new each time they return, perhaps capturing a moment of comfort they might find out in the real landscape.

Each of us should have a place to go for thinking and composure and to enjoy a moment of peacefulness. Often the landscape and natural world around us can provide this, including the urban landscape. Louisville is a multifaceted community of urban and natural areas. It is important to have a place within our city where we can gravitate. These places make up our own town, just as we, as individuals, make up our community.

This mural aims to celebrate the details and tranquil moments of our city and its spaces, as well as the whole of where we live.

The four pieces are named, clockwise from the top, as follows:

  • "Sky"
  • "Cliff"
  • "Creek"
  • "Urban Ride"