Waterfront Park Place Murals

Waterfront Park Place in Louisville, KY is a luxury high-rise residential community. Clare Hirn's mixed media mural is featured in the lobby. Using the Ohio River as a theme, Hirn created three separate panels that flow together as though one piece. The first panel, “Swimmers”, measures 10’x10’ and features a cut-away view of the river. The middle panel, “Crossing”, and far-right panel, “Fossils”, each measure 10’ x 12’ and wrap corners and feature water surface effects, fossils, and distant barge.

Hirn was commissioned to create this piece specifically for the space and worked closely with designers and architects throughout the proposal, sketching, and execution phases of the project.

"Much of my artwork brings the beauty of the outside to our lives inside, translating the natural world onto canvas, focusing on atmosphere as well as details. My work has a quality of light and openness that adds dimension to interior spaces. I take pride in working with my clients to create unique experiences and fine works of art."