"Witness Our Seasons"

Size: 82" x 89"
Medium: Charcoal, ink, drawing pencils, leaves and bugs on canvas
Year: 2020

Installed for over 6 months at the top of a steep Kentucky hill, this raw canvas' interactions with the elements inspired the movement of light and more for the final piece. I worked onsite periodically, letting the rain, snow, dirt, and leaves wash and add to the conversation. These paintings of the Weathered Series represent the environment having at least a partial say in the outcome. As mildew sets in, it may direct a ray of light through the leaves. Or a tree mysteriously becomes only partially visible. 

Compositionally, the painting depicts 4 seasons in diagonal quadrants. Winter to the left, Spring up top, Summer on the right, and Fall at the bottom. A golden ration in the lower right is embedded with found deceased bugs and fallen leaves.